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Today, my team and I are excited to launch Practice, a set of tools that anyone can use to launch or manage a coaching business — instantly, and from anywhere on Earth.

While building Practice, we’ve met over 100 coaches from as far as Kenya, Syria and Thailand, and as close as San Francisco and New York whose main job is to get up in the morning and help others achieve their potential. …

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Let me paint a picture for you. 🌌

It was January of 2014 — and I was running an 8-person company with absolutely zero traction.

Just a few months prior, we had just started Breather — it was just me and a few other guys and girls — and I literally had no idea what I was doing.

We had just raised $1.5 million, and I had hired a small, tight-knit group: a designer, an iOS developer, a senior engineer, an NYC operator, and a few others. …

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Have you ever noticed how rarely people pay each other genuine compliments? The negativity out there about people outweighs the positive so often that hearing good things about yourself can seem like a breath of fresh air when it happens.

Thing is, this breath of fresh air that I just felt actually happened three years ago, when I had just started my company, Breather. But, it’s so powerful I think you should experience it yourself.

I’m pretty sure this was an exercise I found in a book somewhere. I wish I could tell you it was insight I got on my own — but it isn’t. …

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