100 Tips About Life, People, and Happiness

1. True wisdom and insight is always free.

6. Remain skeptical forever.

7. Fight for what matters.

9. Join a movement.

14. It’s easy for people to talk a good game, so watch how they behave instead.

20. Do what you say you’ll do. No one is reliable anymore.

22. Learn a new language.

23. Eat more protein.

27. Meet new people as often as possible. Offer to help them.

30. Nobody likes a know-it-all.

36. Learn to climb trees.

38. Be humble and curious.

48. Learn to enjoy hunger.

51. But also, help people who have never helped you, and can’t.

53. Get a tattoo. Don’t worry about regret.

56. Learn to meditate. Go on a retreat if you have to.

58. Learn to really listen.

61. Get to know your neighbours.

62. Don’t take anything personally, ever.

64. As soon as you can, buy some art.

68. Read Man’s Search For Meaning.

72. Have some manners.

77. At least once, date someone that’s out of your league.

79. Good connections are about people, not social networks.

83. Add “adventurer” to your Twitter bio. Then, become one.

86. Find mentors. Just don’t call them that.

92. Learn how to speak in public.

94. Bring a bottle of wine.

96. Protect your hearing. Trust me.

100. Go to Iceland. It’s worth it.

Written by

Co-founder and CEO, @Breather. NYT bestselling author. Also the lovechild of Tony Hawk and Topher Grace. http://breather.comhttp://juliensmith.com

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